Our industry sells time.


When you see a lawyer, you are going to him to accomplish a certain goal, whether that is for buying a house, structuring a legal settlement, buying a business or a divorce. To achieve this goal, because you alone do not have the expertise, you will spend money to buy expertise in that area.

Many people become frustrated with lawyers because of the cost involved in doing work. This frustration is because a lawyer does not know what you know. The urgency and complexity of your problem needs to be uncovered by the lawyer and then communicated in writing to the other party with whom you are dealing. Often the other party has different expectations and desires which leaves you and your lawyer having to work through those issues; which takes time.

As a lawyer only has time to sell, an hourly charge applies which is quoted on an hourly rate. David Siebenga and Sanda King try to do this differently. At the end you will end up paying a bill on an hourly rate but we will endeavor as best we can to give you an estimate of the time and charges involved prior to starting, or at least as often as you request it, during your file.

In certain areas, we do top down billing…

What this means is that we provide a fixed quote for work done. This is done in areas (such as residential real estate) where we know the time, the costs and the expectations involved, in advance. For quotations on work that has top down billing, click here.

When it comes to other work where we do not know the time it takes, we proceed to have an intake consultation meeting with you to hear out your problem and once this is done, we can, if you request it, attempt to predict a cost, based on the parameters asked. This type of estimate allows you, the client, the ability to attempt a prediction of costs in advance of work being commence.

When it comes to court work,


as the expectations of all parties concerned are subject to court judgment, we will sit down with you prior to being retained and take you through the court process in which you are involved and give you an overview of the process, the time and potential costs involved, all without you having to retain us. After that meeting, you can review this without further expectation from us.

Our goal is to provide as fast as possible comfort to you of the process and timing involved such that you are not frustrated with the cost of the work done because you did not know what was involved. Legal work at times is unpredictable and we will not always be successful with every client, but we will try – the customer, the client, has a right to know, and that is what we try to achieve.