We know there is stress involved when it comes to the real estate market. Living in a beautiful city with a booming local economy does not come without conditions. The cost has been literal for home buyers in this pricey market. Big price tags and a small amount of options has squeezed the Vancouver housing bubble to a tremendous size.

Building the Dream for Hopeful Vancouverites and Prospective Home Owners

Real estate watchdogs and analysts have began predicting that Vancouver’s housing market conditions may finally find some relief by the fall of 2018. It is not a new tax or tax credit that is going to ease the stress of the market. It is home builders who have answered the call of the crowded market.

Making Room During a Population Boom

The predictions of some foresee the amount of new homes completed will surge 50% from 4,000 per quarter to 6,000 by the end of 2018. The increase in supply could very well keep climbing rents and house prices under wraps.